Read my original nature poems right here!

Read my original nature poems right here!

Poems About Books and Reading

Original Poems About Books and Reading


I think sunsets
are books
in the sky

6/17/21 by PineTreePoet


A paperback book
and long rays of sunshine
laying in summer grass
you’ll never smile so fine

8/3/21 by PineTreePoet


Books have this weird way
of being just what I need
no matter which one I choose

10/18/21 by PineTreePoet


Leave a few shelves empty
on your bookcase.
If a really good story comes along
you’ll want to have a place
it can call home.

10/28/21 by PineTreePoet


Every trail I’ve walked
is a book page I’ve turned past
sewing a great literary sail
not without curiosity’s mast

11/26/21 by PineTreePoet


Loquacious means talkative
Cooper taught me that
and right now,
I’ve to say,
you’re being quite loquacious
I’d rather you go away

11/29/21 by PineTreePoet. Tap here to read my favorite James Fenimore Cooper quotes.


A book is a good dream
you can re-dream
without any fuss

12/12/21 by PineTreePoet


One of the great tragedies
of life is
how few books
one can read in a year
and how few years
one can stay alive
to read

1/5/22 by PineTreePoet


can just be
reading a new book
or learning a new word

2/19/22 by PineTreePoet

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George Callahan is the creator of Pine Tree Poet. He is an author of fantasy stories and an adventure poet. He prefers mountains and pine trees to most other things, and usually takes his dog Cowboy along for the ride.

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