Read my original nature poems right here!

Read my original nature poems right here!

26 Poems About Adventure and Travel

Original Poems About Adventure

These poems about adventure and travel are perhaps my favorites of all my collections. Travel has been my greatest well of inspiration, from the Smoky Mountains to Mexico to the Mediterranean.

As travel has been such a source of massive inspiration, it makes sense that my travel and adventure poems would be closest to my heart.

Enjoy! Let me know your favorite in the comments.


I want to know all their names
the redwoods and ancient stars
I want to see with mine own eyes
many “near-heres” and “afars”

I own just a touch of envy
for they who first saw such a place
where giant trees do walk about
and perfect awe, beauty creates

step gently and hold her dear
that awe playing in your heart
for such moments of good grace
often come some years apart

1/8/24 by PineTreePoet


What does wind symbolize
but my go-somewhere-else desires?
it dries my hazel eyes
but my curiosity never tires

We mustn’t stay rooted
in the places where we nest
these die-someday bodies aren’t suited
for a lifetime of untraveled rest

11/14/22 by PineTreePoet


Before we scraped the sky
we wrote our names in dirt

when now we fly
our feet once did hurt

and it’s not so bad to soar
but it sure is great to walk

where moss is just décor
and ancient voices talk

1/3/24 by PineTreePoet


Reading roads
from miles away and high
they spell words like cursive
curving beneath this black sky

dotted with stars up here
and headlights down below
I’m heading away tonight
wondering where nighttime roads go

4/11/23 by PineTreePoet, on a plane from Mexico to North Carolina


She told me she worked with clay
but that didn’t do it much justice

I left with quite a list
of all the pieces I’d miss
because my suitcase
would be packed to splits

4/9/23 by PineTreePoet. Acámbaro, Guanajuato, Mexico


Let your greatest assets
be things you remember
places you saw
and people you trust

and let those bank accounts
and clumsy collectibles
gather interest
and dust

strange places, people
adventures abroad
see the world!
you and I
we must!

2/5/24 by PineTreePoet


The farther you and I fly
from unhindered greed
the less I taste the infection
the more my soul is freed

Let’s grow wings
and take off the suits and ties
my sour is burning and eager
to feel sunshine-mountains-alive

4/7/23 by PineTreePoet. Iramuco, Guanajuato, Mexico


Maps tell us much more
about ourselves
than the places they describe
so very well

12/14/22 by PineTreePoet


This brook could’ve been
Natty Bumppo’s favorite stream
and when I close my eyes
above it’s babbling
I’ve escaped to a frontier dream

The forest is not a graveyard
a decaying of human thrift
it’s a ‘scape of curiosity
and adventure is her gift.

7/19/21 by PineTreePoet


Do you ever pretend
like children
you’re in an older time
when these forests were uncharted
and every ancient mountain
begged to be climbed?

11/20/21 by PineTreePoet


Let your guide be
warm fires
and not just the fires you build
with wood
but the fires you ignite
with wonder

12/1/21 by PineTreePoet


I am eager and quick stepping
when exploring a new place
most would have some trouble
with my long-legged pace

But when we’re leaving
I take as many pictures as breaths
capturing everything I’m going to miss
getting to wherever we’re headed next

6/11/23 by PineTreePoet, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico


I thought I lost my passport
such a frivolous little scare
but all my happy
memories are in there

2/27/23 by PineTreePoet


I’d like to shop at a store
that sells the best memories
of Earth’s greatest explorers

11/19/21 by PineTreePoet


I believe there is one
meaningful path in life
and it is our egos
put asunder by creation
smoothing maps
pining for a new destination

11/17/22 by PineTreePoet


My comfortable space
is become mine enemy
soft bed, wicked thief!
of adventures how many?

Who wants to lay on dirt
and sleep where those wildest things roam
when I have showers and towels
and such a splendid concrete home?

Resist! my soul
those modern delights

and content comfort

for discomfort is better
Creation, a fine rhetor
and wisdom grows in dirt.

1/14/24 by PineTreePoet


Day to day business
is really not great business
I’d rather leave my wallet
for wild transactions

smiles and stares
in green places
with little creatures
and little breaths of creation

6/8/21 by PineTreePoet


Is it really much better
where this plane has deposited me?

there’re more cars and worries
and everyone is looking down
at their new-shoe-hurries.

4/11/23 by PineTreePoet. Exiting a flight back home in North Carolina.


Have you seen that movie?
the one where
we drive around
and get lost
in the mountains

6/23/21 by PineTreePoet


The finest threads
we can dress ourselves with
are the words we pass
in the wild places
to those who dare to come with us

10/24/21 by PineTreePoet


Find a forest
on a map
and explore it
like you explore
ambitions and dreams
and people and screens

2/11/22 by PineTreePoet


It’s bad to have more
clothes than you need
and great to have
more adventures
than you can remember

10/20/21 by PineTreePoet


Don’t forget to save
a story or two
for when we meet in person

10/21/21 by PineTreePoet


Let’s rouse
the great spirit
of adventure,
so weakened these days
by smooth roads
and soft beds.

10/22/21 by PineTreePoet


If all I’ll ever be
is someone who gets to see
the world
and is never known
by a soul
well, that’ll be just okay
with me

6/7/23 by PineTreePoet, El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico


Needs: a water bottle and backpack
Wants: old buildings and tall mountains

6/10/23 by PineTreePoet, Rincon, Puerto Rico

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George Callahan is the creator of Pine Tree Poet. He is an author of fantasy stories and an adventure poet. He prefers mountains and pine trees to most other things, and usually takes his dog Cowboy along for the ride.

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