Read my original nature poems right here!

Read my original nature poems right here!

Pictures of Puerto Rico From My iPhone

I took hundreds of pictures of Puerto Rico when I visited in the early summer of 2023. I fancy myself a bit of an iPhone photographer, always on the hunt for colors and shades and lights to capture impressive scenes. I won’t bore you with all the photos I took. That would be cruel. Nobody likes scrolling through endless vacation photos.

I just want to show you my best Puerto Rico pictures. The ones I hope will inspire you to visit. Along with the photos, I’ll include locations. That way you can seek the prettiest places and pictures yourself. Send me some of your favorites, if you snap some good pictures, will you? I want to find new places myself (I couldn’t possibly see everything Puerto Rico has to offer!), and hear about your experiences abroad.

The photos below are unedited and unfiltered. Just the raw images taken on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. I want to show that you don’t need to be a professional photographer to get amazing Puerto Rico pictures, when you visit. Your trusty smartphone might just do the trick.

Always feel free to shoot me an email with your travel pictures.

Photos of Old San Juan

Old San Juan is a colorful treasure, and it’s the probably the most touristy spot in Puerto Rico. That’s for good reason. Check out these pictures of our time spent in Old San Juan, a historic district I’m certain to return to.

Photos of Vieques, Puerto Rico

If you’re spending more than a week in Puerto Rico, you should hop over to Vieques. It’s a small, laid back island with remote, white sand beaches, wild horses, and tropical beach bars. Make sure you rent a jeep to reach the beaches deep inside the national wildlife refuge, and so you can bounce around the island.

If these pictures make you want to spend a few days soaking up the sun on Vieques, read my Vieques travel guide.

The beach below the Puerto Ferro Lighthouse (Apple Maps | Google Maps) on the south side (the Caribbean side) of Vieques was a rugged, stunning, seaweed-washed landscape of cliffs and surging waves. Don’t skip this breathtaking lighthouse and beach. While it may not be the best spot to lounge and wade in the water, it’s worth visiting for the scenery. It feels untouched, pristine, and wild.

Photos from El Yunque National Forest

El Yunque (Apple Maps | Google Maps) is a diverse rainforest less than an hour south of San Juan. If you like hiking or plunging into waterfalls, you’d better spend a few days in El Yunque. We stayed at this Airbnb, which I recommend. Just remember: you’re in the mountains of Puerto Rico, so water and electricity aren’t always a guarantee. We lost water access three times during our stay, but our host was very helpful and responsive.

Check out where some of these photos were taken in my El Yunque guide.

Photos of sunset in Rincón, Puerto Rico

Sunset in Rincón, Puerto Rico. Lots of “ooos” and “ahhhs.” It was one of my favorite nights in Puerto Rico, and (if you’re a wannabe photographer like me) it’s a great place to snap pictures. From the beach (any beach around Rincón has good sunset views) and from the crowd-favorite lighthouse park (Apple Maps | Google Maps). If you’re in Rincón, you’d better watch some sunsets. And if you’re hungry around sunset, The Beach House (Apple Maps | Google Maps) is a good place for dinner overlooking the sea.

Photos from Playa Buye

Playa Buye (Apple Maps | Google Maps) is where we ended our 2 week trip. It’s a popular west coast beach with calm water, snorkeling, and amazing sunsets.

Photos from Cabo Rojo

When we visited El Faro de los Morrillos (Apple Maps | Google Maps), Puerto Rico’s famous southwest corner lighthouse, I was glad my wife is always a willing photo subject. These are some of my favorite pictures from our trip. If you make it to the west coast of Puerto Rico, head past the salt flats (Apple Maps | Google Maps) to this spectacular vista. There’s a beach below the lighthouse, too!

Also, if you pass through Mayagüez on your way south, the cathedral there (Apple Maps | Google Maps) is lovely. I’m a sucker for cathedrals.

Thanks for checking out my favorite pictures from my Puerto Rico vacation. Next time I visit, I’ll add more to this gallery. Happy adventures!

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