Read my original nature poems right here!

Read my original nature poems right here!


65 Original Mountain Poems

Original Mountain Poems These are original poems about mountains by me, Pine Tree Poet! Like most of my poetry, these were written away from the...

13 Original Sunset Poems

36 Original Camping Poems


Loblolly Trail | Umstead State Park

Loblolly Trail is in Raleigh's city limits, so I don't include a rating for Views and Landscape, like I do in other trail reports....


5 Panel Hat Buyer’s Guide: The Best Brands & Styles

How to find the best 5 panel hat Finding the right 5 panel cap (my favorite kind of hat for outdoor activity) is all about...

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Ultra Running Books: Must-Read List

All product opinions & recommendations are my own and are never influenced by brands, companies, or individuals. If you shop through links on this...

Poems About Books and Reading

Original Poems About Books and Reading 1. I think sunsets are books in the sky 6/17/21 by PineTreePoet 2. A paperback book and long rays of sunshine laying in summer grass you'll never smile...

5 Books Like The Alchemist (I wrote 2 of them)

I've adopted the moniker PineTreePoet because adventure and poetry bring me much joy. But before I wrote poetry, I wrote books (and I still...

90 Timeless Dostoevsky Quotes

Table of Contents: Jump Ahead! Crime and Punishment Quotes My favorite Crime and Punishment Quote (#9) The Brothers Karamazov Quotes My favorite The Brothers Karamazov Quote (#90) The Grand...

27 Books About Hiking: Essential Reading List

Books About Hiking Books about hiking, adventure novels, stories of epic adventure, nature poetry...this list has them all. Many of these I've read, others are...


The Calories I Burn Rucking vs. Walking (5k, 5 miles, 8 miles)

I'm a fan of rucking as a fitness tool for travel, adventure, and hiking. It's eco-friendly fitness, in my opinion, and strengthens your entire...

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