Read my original nature poems right here!

Read my original nature poems right here!

27 Gifts for Hikers: Clothes, Accessories, Gadgets, & More [2023]

Gifts for Hikers: Before We Start…

This is my list of accessories, gear, and gadgets that make awesome gifts for outdoorsy folks, like hikers. I always try to buy things that are durable, reliable, and relatively sustainable for myself and others. Durability means these items will last a long time. Reliability means the gear gets the job done–everytime. Finally, I try to shop sustainably. Most outdoors gear use some kind of lightweight plastic, but spending extra money to buy things you won’t need to buy again is a good practice.

So there you have it! Rest assured all these potential gifts for hikers will bring your adventurous companion joy for years to come.

Oftentimes I find my outdoorsy friends have serious preferences, already have plenty of their favorite gear, or just like to shop for themselves.

Fair enough.

In that case, you can’t go wrong with an REI gift card. REI has the best online and in-person selection for outdoorsy gifts–clothes, shoes, accessories, gear, & gadgets.

REI gift cards start at $10, so you can confidently buy for any person & any occasion. Their digital gift cards have great designs or a physical gift card can delivered within 7 days.

I like seeing an REI gift card in any gift I open. Any hiker can spend hours in that store!

In addition to the greatest selection of outdoor gear, your giftee can take advantage of REI’s generous return policy, in case sizing or color is off. You can’t go wrong!

All product opinions & recommendations are my own and are never influenced by brands, companies, or individuals. If you shop through links on this page, may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for checking out my recommendations! Here’s my Affiliate Disclosure.

Alright, let’s talk gifts for hikers

I’m breaking this gift guide down by sections (it’s pretty thorough). So feel free to jump to any section using the links below:

So maybe a gift card isn’t your idea of a great gift. I get that. Unboxing something, or being able to use new gear right away, is sure to leave a big smile on anyone’s face.

So let’s get down to some amazing gifts for hiking friends and family.

If you’ve been given an amazing gift that you don’t see on this list (or if you have anything good to say about any of my recommendations), leave a comment at the bottom!

George’s Favorites

Here are my personal go-to recommended gifts for hikers. I’ve bought these for friends and family, and I always put these at the top of my gift list. They all meet a couple standards: high quality (durable and will last forever), useful, and great for hikers.

1. Socks! The Easiest (and best?) Gifts for Hikers 🧦

Socks may seem like a lame gift, but they’re not. Great hiking socks can start at $20 per pair, so anyone who loves trails & happy feet will be grateful for your contribution to their sock collection.

The other great thing about buying socks as a gift is you only need to know their shoe size (or an approximation). Plus, many companies have different styles, thicknesses, and colors for you to choose from, so you can really build an exciting gift package to open (lots of ooo’s and ahh’s with just a few pairs!).

Alright, let’s talk picking out socks…

Picking out great hiking socks

Picking out great hiking socks starts with three things: length, materials, and size (that one’s easy).

Sock Length: no-show, ankle, quarter, crew

Choosing the right length isn’t hard. First of all, you can get a few different lengths and that hiker in your life will be happy. Why? Well, most hikers will use different length socks in different situations. No-show socks are ones that sit right at the cuff of the shoe. If the person you’re shopping for ever wears boots, skip no-shows because the boots may rub their ankles.

My favorite socks for warm-weather hiking are ankle and quarter socks. I prefer socks that cover my ankle because it prevents debris and dirt from getting inside the sock (this tends to happen with no-shows). They work well with boots, don’t risk sliding down into the shoe, and keep anything from getting inside the socks. Can’t go wrong!

I prefer crew length and taller socks in cold or wet weather hiking, or really anytime I wear pants. They keep my legs warmer, my feet drier (more material to grab and wick water away), and work well with taller boots. Crew length socks can also be great during warm hikes as they keep insects, burrs, and thorns from grabbing onto a hiker’s ankles and legs. I think taller socks (like Feetures Mini Crew socks) are the most versatile, so don’t be afraid to throw some in any gift box!

Materials Matter

Never buy cotton socks for hiking. Cotton is great because it’s cool & breezy, but that’s just for hanging out & relaxing, not for getting sweaty. A hiker’s socks will get sweaty (whether it’s warm or cold out), and cotton absorbs sweat like crazy. Unfortunately, unlike polyester and other synthetics, cotton does not move moisture away from the surface of your skin. For me, that means chafing, wet socks, and blisters. In cold environments, that can mean hypothermia.

This short article from explains the downsides of cotton, and also warns against hiking in the following materials: modal, rayon, viscose, tencel, lyocell, bamboo, and silk.

Avoid cotton. Got it.

Polyester and wool are a hiker’s best friends in the world of socks.

Polyester wicks moisture away from the skin, helps resist blisters, and is very comfortable in different conditions. Wool is awesome for insulation: it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer (sheep have been using it for thousands of years, after all). Wool is also odor-resistant and stays warm when wet. Great wool hiking socks will have some synthetic materials blended in for extra durability (like my favorite, these made-in-Vermont Darn Tough Boot Socks).

In short, look for polyester and wool blends from reputable brands. That’ll keep your hiker’s feet happy!

My favorite socks

To summarize, pick the appropriate length (but don’t stress–you can’t go wrong) and find the right materials. For sizing, most brands will provide a guide based on shoe size. One of my favorite gifts for hikers, and all you need is the person’s shoe size. Here are my favorites…

1. Darn Tough Vermont Men’s Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Sock

Micro Crew is my favorite length (a bit shorter than too-tall-for-my-liking crew socks), and Darn Tough is the best sock brand for hikers & backpackers. These socks are built (in Vermont!) to last forever, and Darn Tough will replace them if they tear or get holes.

These socks are a fantastic merino wool blend (my favorite materials for long days on the trail), and will keep feet happy and healthy.

Tap here to check out my favorite socks on Amazon (where they have thousands of positive reviews).

2. Feetures Elite Light Cushion Mini Crew socks

I have more Feetures socks than any other brand. Why? Because they’re anatomical and have targeted compression. In other words, you get a sock for each foot (labeled Left and Right), and they really hug under the arch. I’ve got pretty tall arches, so socks that fit snug and secure make my feet very happy.

I wear these socks to hike, run, workout, relax, and running errands. They’re so comfortable and durable. I like that they don’t feel like they’re moving at all inside my shoes or boots. Feetures gets a 10/10 from me.

These ones are my favorite, but you can check out many more of their styles here.

3. Balega Blister Resist socks (in three different lengths)

I’m wearing these Balega Blister Resist socks as I write this. They’re so comfortable and the quarter length version is my all-time favorite sock length.

These socks are a soft, cushioned, comfortable blend of polyester, nylon, and mohair (which behaves like wool). Mohair is shrink-resistant and these socks have a deeper heel pocket for a contoured, secure fit.

If you haven’t tried Balega socks yourself, grab a pair from their store while you’re shopping for hiking gifts!

4. Injinji Toe Socks

When you’re buying gifts for hikers, you may not know what gear the person already has. That’s why socks are great: with so many great options, I really don’t think you can go wrong.

If you’ve never seen your hiker wearing toe socks, you should get them toe socks. I love my Injinji socks for looong hikes & runs (like multi-day hikes or ultra marathons) because even if you never get blisters, having your toes each in their own soft pocket is a sure-fire way to keep them happy. While my preferred Injinji sock is their original weight mini crew, I’ll also use the super thin no shows as a base layer beneath other socks. To me, two pairs of socks (one thin and one regular) is the ticket to happy feet, so why not get your hiker a thin base layer sock to try out?

Other happy-feet 🦶 gifts for hikers:

2. Smartwool Shirts: The Best Athletic Shirts Money Can Buy 👕

The reason Smartwool shirts make such phenomenal gifts is that they’re pretty pricey, so most folks won’t want to spend the extra cash on them. But YOU, oh buyer of hiking gifts, can give this gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

I try to only buy shirts that I think I can keep forever, and Smartwool shirts are the obvious choice. I own a bunch, and I trust the durability and performance more than any other t shirts I have. Using a blend of wool and polyester, the shirts are soft and comfortable. Wool is a natural insulator, so the shirts keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I’ve run 50 mile road races in these shirts, used them as sleepwear while backpacking in the winter, and proudly sport the 150 gram base layer all summer long in North Carolina, when it’s humid and hot.

They’re so versatile, and excellent for hiking.

My favorite feature of Smartwool shirts is a controversial one amongst my friends and family….they don’t smell! I’ve gone weeks without washing mine (c’mon, I had to try…), and they felt as fresh and clean as the last time I pulled it out of the washer (Pro Tip: don’t ever machine dry wool, it shrinks like crazy. Just air dry it).

I recommend the 150 gram short sleeve tees for 4-season wear. For casual, every day wear in the summer; getting sweaty in the spring and fall; and as a lightweight, moisture-wicking base shirt in the winter.

The long sleeve 150g shirts are great for spring, fall, and winter. They’re insulated to keep hikers cool when it’s warm (and keep the wind off) and warm when it’s cool. Super thin and soft, I personally own four 150g long sleeve Smartwool tees, and in weather under 60 degrees, they’re my go-to.

Finally I use the 250g base layer shirts for winter wear and cold weather. They’re great for lounging, but they’re built for hiking & outdoor sports. They can be worn alone or layered for maximum warmth. My #1 favorite use for these warm long sleeve shirts is sleepwear while backpacking. There’s nothing like putting on a warm, dry, and soft shirt after a long day on the trails.

To summarize, go with the 150g short sleeve in warmer weather, the 150g long sleeve when it’s a bit cooler (or in cooler climates), and the 250g long sleeve during winter.

Seriously my favorite shirts, and any hiker or outdoor lover would be very lucky and excited to receive them as gifts.

3. Eco-Friendly Candles: Safe Scents for Happy Hiker Homes 🕯️

Why do candles make great gifts for hikers? Well, candles make great gifts for anyone, but when shopping for someone who loves the outdoors, you have the opportunity to show them you love the outdoors, or at least appreciate their interests, by gifting an all natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic candle.

Buying candles that are non-toxic and eco-friendly is easy. You want to look for paraben free, soy wax. Waxes from big box stores and many name brands contain terrible for people & the Earth chemicals. 100% soy wax is the way to go!

Secondly, look for wooden wicks. One tree can make tons of wicks, and is biodegradable & renewable. According to this article, wooden wicks have better ambiance and are much more sustainable.

Finally, candles made with natural fragrances (essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances) will burn cleaner, smell better, and are made with ingredients hikers can get behind.

I’m a big candle guy, and Craft and Kin makes my favorite eco-friendly candles. You can check out their candles (along with thousands of good reviews) right here on Amazon.

As a hiker, those are some of my favorite gifts: awesome socks, Smartwool shirts, and eco-friendly candles. Let’s move on to some more awesome gifts for hikers…

4. Books Your Hiker Will Enjoy 📚

If your hiker is a bookworm (like me), a good book is an awesome way to make a personal connection. What better way to make him or her feel appreciated than a book that speaks to that favorite outdoor activity?

I have a list of books for hikers you can browse for ideas.

Maybe you know your hiker likes to read, but you’re not sure which books are the right ones. I’ve got an awesome solution: a Kindle Oasis! I was always a paperback book kinda guy, but my mom bought me a Paperwhite Oasis, and I was immediately hooked. It’s just like reading a book, without the bulk. The Oasis is Paperwhite so it’s easy on your eyes, it’s waterproof for poolside, beach, or bathtub reading, and it has an adjustable light.

My favorite feature of the Kindle Oasis is that you can read and “turn” pages with one hand, and it’s featherlight for easy holding. So no matter how I’m laying or sitting, it’s effortless to read (not the case with a physical book). And if I want to switch to an audiobook, the Oasis pairs with headphones or speakers.

Pro-tip: if you buy the Oasis as a gift, buy some of the below books as gifts for them to start reading right away (Amazon makes it super easy to give ebooks as gifts).

Under $50 Gifts for Hikers

For under $50 you can still buy awesome hiking-inspired gifts. Did you see the socks, candles, and books I recommended above? Don’t sleep on these simple, thoughtful gifts; they’re favorites of mine, after all.

Here are some more options for less than $50…

5. GEAR AID gear patches

GEAR AID patches are awesome, inexpensive gifts any outdoor lover would get excited about. They’re adhesive patches that permanently adhere to synthetic materials to cover holes & tears. Simply put, they easily repair expensive tents, favorite jackets, and trustworthy gear! It’s a shame (and bad for the environment) to throw away damaged gear, especially those pieces that are near and dear to a hiker’s heart.

Everyone has a favorite jacket or pants, hammock or tent, they’d rather not replace–like ever. These nifty little gear patches (the wildlife shapes are my favorites) might save the day, or give your hiker a fresh pair of eyes for older gear.

6. A handy dandy trowel 💩

TheTentLab Deuce is a fun gift for hikers that is especially useful if your hiker has a dog. It’s an ultralight trowel that makes burying poop 💩 super easy.

Oh yeah, hikers and backpackers have to think about this kind of thing.

Leaving dog or human poop 💩 around our beloved forests and parks is very bad practice (that’s one of my tips for backpacking with a dog). It doesn’t adhere to Leave No Trace and can cause dangerous algae blooms and other environmental issues.

Your hiker probably knows that waste needs to be buried away from trails, campsites, and water: this handy trowel makes the right thing to do, the easiest thing to do.

I suggest size #3. You’ll have the gift with the most to talk about with TheTentLab Deuce!

7. Organic, natural lip balms

Hikers deal with dry skin and cracked lips. It’s an expected part of being out in the sun (or rain, wind, and snow).

I like these Cliganic Organic Lip Balm Set because you get 6 flavors at an affordable price. Plus, they’ve got thousands of positive reviews.

Best of all, their values probably align with the hiker you’re shopping for: the lip balms are chemical-free made with natural ingredients, USDA organic, made in the USA, and cruelty-free. A win-win-win-win!

8. Katadyn BeFree 1.0L Water Filter

Filtering water in the backcountry is very important. But having access to safe drinking water isn’t reserved for backpackers and thru hikers. Even day hikes & local trips require precautions!

A widely loved, easy-to-pack filter is the BeFree by Katadyn. It’s a soft flask that collapses down to fit in jacket pockets and backpacks, is super easy to clean, and filters out harmful organisms from water sources.

The BeFree holds a respectable 1L of water (that’s pretty dang good for these types of on-the-go filters), and gives peace of mind out on the trail.

9. Trail Toes to keep those tired feet happy

I put Trail Toes on before every long hike or run, backpacking trip, or adventure. It keeps my feet so happy. It’s an anti-friction lube that goes all around your toes (and really all over your feet) to keep blisters & chafing far away.

I’ve used Trail Toes on multiday hiking trips and while running mountain ultra marathons. Look no further for happy toes!

Your hiker will appreciate the small, packable tub of lube: you can take it anywhere. They’ll also feel well taken care of with the trail-themed, rugged messaging on the label.

You can tell Trail Toes has “been there, done that!”

10. Travel Massage Ball, Made of Cork!

“Ahhh. Sweet relief.”

That’ll get your gift some kudos.

Give your hiker some foot & muscle therapy out on the trail (or at home!). These super lightweight cork massage balls pack easily and help loosen up knots and relax muscles via massage. My shoulders, upper back, and feet always crave some gentle (or sometimes not so gentle) therapy after wearing a pack & walking all day. These upcycled cork (great for the Earth’s cork forests) massage balls are awesome for hikers, backpackers, or any active person who gets outside.

Tap here to check them out on Amazon.

11. A reliable, practical fire starter

A fire starter from Light My Fire is a gift your hiker will thank you for, 12,000 times!

It’s a super reliable, waterproof, lightweight, magnesium starter that is good for 12,000 strikes in all weather, climates, and altitudes.

This fire starter makes a great gift for hikers because it’s uses are wide: backyard bonfires, camping & hiking, beach cookouts, and emergencies. It’ll light a fire in the Smokey Mountains, the Pacific Northwest, or on the family outdoor vacation. Take it anywhere!

12. Columbia Bora Bora Booney Hat

Booney hats are awesome for hiking. They protect from the sun and bugs, and keep sweat from pouring down your face. A good booney hat for hiking (like this one from Columbia) is lightweight, durable, and features materials meant for the outdoors.

The Columbia Bora Bora has UPF 50 protection for your skin and an adjustable draw cord to keep it secure, whether it’s being worn or not.

It’s a unisex sun hat for hot weather hiking and general sun protection.

13. A 5 Panel Hiking Hat

A 5 panel hiking hat will have the appearance of a regular baseball hat (though usually with a flat brim), but it is built for sweaty, outdoor activity. There’re a lot of great options out there from various brands. Shopping for one of these hats is a great way to add some style and color to your gift-giving.

5 panel hat benefits

5 panel hats built for running, hiking, and camping will be made of moisture-wicking materials, smush down to fit in a pocket, and be super durable. Look for polyester hats with an adjustable snap closure. These hats can be dunked in streams, dry quickly, and washed with regular laundry.

My favorite brands

These are my favorite 5 panel hiking hats from small businesses…

  • Sprints makes 5 panel running hats with fun patterns
  • Roam and Run makes cool outdoorsy performance hats (and other trail goods) built for comfort and all-day trail wear.
  • Wicked Trail’s motivational hats
  • has fun patterns on their hats (my favorites are Bee Cool and Owl Bring the Headlamps). I take one of these on all my hiking trips. They fit in my pocket and are good for getting sweaty.
  • If your hiker is more fashionable than me, Ciele makes awesome 5 panel running hats that are great for hiking. They’re definitely the cool kids on the block, so your hiker may appreciate the elevated social status of wearing Ciele.
  • I think Territory Run Co. has the best colors and designs. They’ve been around the longest on this list, and their customers are loyal and plenty! It’s common to see their Long Haul Caps while hiking and backpacking all over the United States.

Any of these hats would make great gifts for hikers, and each of them have unique designs and personalities to let your hiker know you care.

Want some more hat ideas? Check out my 5 panel hats buyers guide.

14. Rite in the Rain weatherproof notebook

I love having something to jot down notes, poems, or ideas in while hiking and backpacking. This slim, weatherproof notebook repels water, sweat, grease, and mud for any adventure. Does your hiker like to write poetry or document adventures? Here’s the perfect gift!

Rite in the Rain even makes an all-weather clicker pen to go with the notebook!

15. Lightweight, Portable Hammock

This Wise Owl Outfitters portable hammock is great for any outdoor lover. It packs small, is super light and sturdy, and is very easy to set up. There are tons of great options for hammocks in the world of hiking & camping, but few have tens of thousands of positive reviews.

Tap here to take a look!

There are two sizes to accommodate one of two people, and plenty of fun color options.

If you think your hiker would enjoy ‘hanging out’ (literally) outdoors, a hammock is an awesome gift idea.

$50-$100 Gifts for Hikers

Obviously there are some awesome affordable gifts for hikers on this list. Jumping up to the $50-$100 range expands your options quite a bit, but sometimes a few gifts from the Under $50 section is just as good as one gift between $50-$100.

16. Petzl ACTIK CORE Headlamp

A new headlamp is always a breath of fresh air for people who like hiking year-round, or regularly take multi-day backpacking trips.

This headlamp is excellent.

It’s bright, compact, simple, and long-lasting. Petzl even makes a protective carrying case that turns the headlamp into a lantern! That’s some thoughtful designing and puts multipurpose functionality at the forefront.

I keep a headlamp in my car, take one on day-hikes (just in case), and make sure I have it every time I go backpacking (that’s the last thing you’d want to leave behind).

Tap here to check out the Petzl ACTIK CORE on Amazon.

17. Jetboil Zip Camping Stove

Backpacking, car camping, hiking…whatever your activity is, a Jetboil Zip stove elevates the experience. It’s my favorite backpacking accessory. It boils water in just over 2 minutes, making hot cocoa, tea & coffee, instant noodles, oats, and clean water always at hand.

The canister works as a measuring cup and bowl, so preparing and eating food is kept as light and efficient as possible. The Jetboil Zip Camping Stove weighs only 12 ounces and can be accessorized with a French press coffee maker, utensils, and Jetboil non-stick skillets (make sure you get a pot support if you buy a skillet).

A Jetboil is a must-have for hiking, backpacking, and car travel.

18. Camp Sandals

Anyone who does multi-day hiking trips needs a good pair of lightweight, minimalist sandals.


Well, anyone who wears hiking boots or trail runners for 5, 10, or even 15+ miles knows how wonderful it is after a long hike to kick those off and slip into something more comfortable. Also, wearing less rugged shoes around campsites and lodges (hiking boots and shoes are super rugged) is easier on those highly-trafficked areas. Plants, insects, and animals will appreciate your lighter step and softer sole.

And your hiker’s feet will be very happy.

My go-to hiking sandals (and ones I’ll wear all-day around Raleigh, NC to strengthen my feet) are Xero Shoes Genesis Sandal. These are the ultimate minimalist, lightweight, packable sandal great for hiking (you can even wear them hiking if your feet are pretty strong) and backpacking.

19. Recovery Sandals

Recovery sandals make a great gift for hikers because feet get very tired from all that walking. Roots & rocks over miles & hours really stress feet out, and OOFOS Recovery Slides were built to save the day. If 18,000+ positive reviews don’t convince you to buy a pair for yourself as well, I don’t know what will.

They’re great house shoes for anyone who is on their feet a lot, like hikers.

I follow OOFOS’ recommendation and round down from a 10.5 shoe to a size 10 sandal.

20. Sea to Summit Dry Sacks

Sea to Summit Dry Sacks are built for adventure. These waterproof stuff packs keep electronics, clothing, food, and other essentials dry in any conditions.

I use these dry bags to keep my nighttime backpacking clothes dry (it’s uncomfortable & potentially dangerous to put on wet clothes after a day on the trails) and for my phone, cameras, wallet, and mobile chargers. Anything that I absolutely do not want to get wet goes in these dry sacks.

When planning local hikes, let your hiker be prepared no matter the weather.

I’ll even bring one or two of these to the beach for my Kindle & phone, or anything else that needs to be dry.

21. Crazy Creek chair

These Crazy Creek Original Chairs are awesome gifts for hikers. They’re packable, lightweight, sleek mobile chairs that support up to 250lbs, giving the user a comfortable chair anywhere. The back is adjustable, so it can be a recliner or sit more upright. Crazy Creek chairs pack flat or into a tight roll for maximum portability. You really can take them on any type of trip.

This chair makes eating, relaxing, and sitting around a fire comfortable. No more lumpy logs and rough rocks for someone who just spent hours hiking!

Take it hiking, camping, backpacking, to the beach, or on long road trips. The chairs are built with indestructible materials for all elements and the most rugged terrain.

22. Bear Canister

Does your hiker ever venture into bear country? If so, they’d better be keeping their food secure! These BearVault Bear Canisters keep bears out of your food and are rated for grizzly bears, so you know you’re safe anywhere.

Their motto is “Designed by backpackers. Tested by bears” and anyone in bear country will be in good hands with these handy canisters.

Many places even require bear-proof containers now. Tap here to see where those places are.

Read some BearVault reviews | Buy a canister | Read bear safety tips

$100+ Gifts for Hikers

This next section of best gifts for hikers has the higher-end, more luxury gift ideas that will WOW anyone lucky enough to be on the receiving end. Ready to see some of the pricier gifts any hiker would appreciate?Here we go…

23. Theragun Prime Percussion Massage Gun

Massage guns like the Theragun Prime are all the rage amongst athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. This deep tissue massage gun uses an app, 4 different attachments, and 5 speed settings for personalized sore muscle therapy.

Theragun makes it easy to relax and “melt away tension” with an ergonomic handle and silent motor.

There isn’t a better massage tool on the market than the Theragun Prime (well, except maybe their Elite model, which has a few more bells and whistles, notably an extra attachment and carrying case, or the top-end Pro Model for those who want the most out of their massage tools).

You’re sure to impress the hiker enthusiast in your life with a Theragun Percussion Massage Gun. Take my relaxed-muscle word for it!

24. Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles

Black Diamond’s Trail Pro Shock poles are the trekking poles I use for hiking, backpacking, and distance trail running. They’re light enough that you might forget you’re holding them and have very comfortable handles.

Trekking poles are worth spending a bit more on (just like trail shoes) because they can really take a pounding. I like that these poles are adjustable, light, and durable. I’m confident I’ll be using them for years to come.

Does the hiker you’re shopping to spend long days on the trail? They’d surely appreciate a high-end, ultralight, durable pair of trail trekking poles.

My go-to winter hiking footwear? My six year old Lowa Renegade GTX.

25. Lowa Renegade GTX Hiking Boots

I’ve had my Lowa Renegade GTX hiking boots for like 9 years and they’re still comfortable and waterproof. I usually wear trail running shoes for hiking (a bit lighter and more agile), but my Lowa boots are my favorite cold and wet weather footwear option. They’re totally waterproof, supremely durable, and very comfy for long days on rough terrain.

Does your hiker prefer boots over trail shoes? Ask them when’s the last time they replaced theirs! And then get them the best boots out there.

Read my full review of my Lowa boots right here.

26. Kindle Oasis

Like I said in the Books section, if your hiker likes to read as much as me, a Kindle Oasis is a phenomenal gift. It’s portable (very light and sleek), waterproof, and is easy to use.

I’ve been hooked on mine since receiving it as a gift, and take it everywhere. It fits in my backpacking/hiking pack easily and has a Paperwhite screen, so it’s easy on the eyes. Best of all for outdoorsy people, it’s waterproof for poolside, beach, or bathtub reading.

My favorite feature of the Kindle Oasis is that you can read and “turn” pages with one hand, and it’s featherlight for easy holding. So no matter how I’m laying or sitting, it’s effortless to read (not the case with a physical book). And if I want to switch to an audiobook, the Oasis pairs with headphones or speakers.

The Oasis is a gift that cannot disappoint, if your hiker loves to read.

Tap here to check it out on Amazon.

27. Rumpl The Down Blanket

These camping, hiking, backpacking Rumpl “The Down” Blankets are warm, packable, lightweight blankets that won’t take up much space, keep you super warm and cozy, and are built for the Great Outdoors. They’re weather resistant, made from recycled materials, and use sustainably-sourced duck down feathers. If you’re not familiar with down feathers for hiking & backpacking (and wondering why these blankets are so expensive), down feathers are hydrophobic so they stay dry longer in wet conditions and STILL keep you warm if it does get damp.

Down is also incredibly packable–these blankets smush way down to save space.

You can wear these blankets like a cape for hands-free warmth while eating or relaxing in camp; they’re really perfect for rugged adventures, travel, or sitting around your house.

There are one person and two person options, and you can check out their less expensive, highly-rated Original Puffy Blanket (look at these amazing National Park designs).

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