Read my original nature poems right here!

Read my original nature poems right here!

Environmental & Climate Change Poem Collection [37 Poems]

Original Environmental & Climate Change Poems

For the Earth we celebrate & explore, which nourishes us & gives us life. These original environmental and climate change poems beg reverence for this one planet we call home.

Even a short poem, a small reflection, can impress upon someone the importance of caring for this green, brown, and blue planet. Share this page, or share just one poem, with a friend of family member. Remind them to be a good steward, and take one of these with you as a reminder to yourself.

Enjoy! (And let me know your favorite in the comments)


I don’t think
we’re above the green and blue
I think we’re right alongside them
a conscious and responsible hue.

9/24/21 by PineTreePoet


There are things
I really hate to see
people without enough food
and others cutting down a tall tree

9/12/21 by PineTreePoet


Pine trees wear long dresses
and flowers pretty crowns
and we
well we just pace and pace with anxiety
about our concrete towns

5/9/21 by PineTreePoet


You shouldn’t interrupt people
they can be quite anxious
but you mostly shouldn’t interrupt
everything else
nature can be quite
an enchanting
and everchanging

5/14/21 by PineTreePoet


I just can’t relate
if you don’t love the color green.
With how much of a forest
is that same color
it seems an odd thing.

5/29/21 by PineTreePoet


Everyone’s starting to see
how great tote bags can be
so I think maybe soon
we’ll put less gas in our cars
and dump less anxiety into the sea

5/19/21 by PineTreePoet


The buzz of life
is less than
the buzz of bees

5/31/21 by PineTreePoet


Bring me your
plastic and steel and concrete
and leave here
of your material haste

6/4/21 by PineTreePoet


My neighbor asked
where I spent my weekends
and I told her among the pines

I said I couldn’t bear
long grocery store lines.

9/4/21 by PineTreePoet


My kind of pollution:
laughs and smiles
appreciation and good stories.
That’s pollution
I’d breathe deep.

6/7/21 by PineTreePoet


It’s not like
we were born
to drive cars.
I think we were born
to drive

6/10/21 by PineTreePoet


They dwell in the city
and talk about
mountain people
and beach people

like they’ve unlocked
some great secret to tranquility
but it’s no secret that
plastic and steel and concrete

can easily, handily, unceasingly,
by nature’s eternal beauty
be beat

7/1/21 by PineTreePoet


But instead of cities
imagine mountains
and instead of buildings
imagine trees
and instead of people
imagine stars

7/6/21 by PineTreePoet


Pulling a fish out of water
seems like your type of sport
but have you ever tried
just watching them swim?

10/19/22 by PineTreePoet


I am afraid to ask too much
of the lovely forest
our green lungs
our pine cathedrals

7/26/21 by PineTreePoet


And then again
maybe we’ve all sold out
our reverence for nature
for some normalcy amongst our kind

8/11/21 by PineTreePoet


We’re all born
tree huggers
some of us
only forget

8/23/21 by PineTreePoet

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Why doesn’t anyone
ever buy downtown lots
just to plant little forests?

9/2/21 by PineTreePoet


I hike to work
pretending cars
are big friendly bears
and people are cheery birds.

Helps with the smog and bustle
and the whole not hiking thing.

9/1/21 by PineTreePoet


Asphalt is just
man’s attempt
to smooth our weariness,
to travel easier.

But I think traveling hard
is what we’re meant to do.

9/20/21 by PineTreePoet


I want to have a dream tonight
about wild winds whipping
through this city
and vines reclaiming their perches
and drowsy deer
laying easily
in this used-to-be
parking lot

9/28/21 by PineTreePoet


Dogs like to bark at nothing
and I think we humans do too
we sit and scream at our phones
forever dressed in anxious hue

over the complexities of other people

their smiles and happenings
while we inhabit a green Earth
of natural, immortal
sensational trappings

9/25/21 by PineTreePoet


I encourage you
only because I love
our green and blue
and lovely planet
to inconvenience yourself
here and there
for the sake
of its fragile
heart and lungs

10/10/21 by PineTreePoet


Why do you come here?
wondered the bear.

Do I visit
your supermarkets
and walk
down your boulevards?
and isn’t it these
you’ve erected
where once
there was trees?

10/19/22 by PineTreePoet


It’s bad
to have more clothes
than you need
and great
to have more adventures
than you can remember

10/20/21 by PineTreePoet


I never learned to play an instrument
because I couldn’t imagine
any human melody higher
than a woodpecker’s hammer
or an owl’s hoot
or a red coyote’s howl

11/3/21 by PineTreePoet


Can you hide me
from the progress
of mankind?
said the forest.

11/4/21 by PineTreePoet


Greener than money
taller than pride
prettier than music

by PineTreePoet


I found a dollar in the forest
perhaps someone paid
for their fresh air therapy.

by PineTreePoet


We’re quite good
at climbing social ladders
and tax brackets

but we walk into a wood
and can’t climb a tree
or summit a boulder
lest we scrape a spoiled knee

10/28/21 by PineTreePoet


There should be a national holiday
where everyone cleans up
a few bags of trash.

11/12/21 by PineTreePoet


What do you make
of peoples’ anxieties?
I asked the mountain.

I’ve no knowledge of it,
she said.

11/16/21 by PineTreePoet


The eternal labor of the woods
is to fight her own demise
by men who love themselves
more than the green and old.

And though those men
will surely die
and rather sooner than later
the woods must fight now
and if only a poem
might help save her

11/17/21 by PineTreePoet


I think if the world
ever did end
I’d like to watch it
from a mountaintop
with a bag of granola

11/21/21 by PineTreePoet


I have favorite trees
on my morning walks
and I think they
have favorite people.

11/23/21 by PineTreePoet


I’m wondering
if I walk away from all this
would my fear of dying
alone and poor
come true
and would that be so bad

11/28/21 by PineTreePoet


Do not repent
for the sins of our material past
let you eyes brighten
for your own role
in the salvation
of our future

12/10/21 by PineTreePoet

I believe that appreciation for the natural world–reverence for whatever environment we inhabit–cannot be forced, and simple preaching often falls on deaf ears. If climate change & the environment matter to you, set a great example in your actions, smile big when you describe your favorite ways to enjoy Creation (and your favorite places), and show people the beauty of that which you hold dear.

Hopefully these poems help. As I continue to write, I’ll add to this list. So check back often.

Thanks for reading!

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George Callahan is the creator of Pine Tree Poet. He is an author of fantasy stories and an adventure poet. He prefers mountains and pine trees to most other things, and usually takes his dog Cowboy along for the ride.

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