Want to enter our seasonal giveaway? Tap here!

Want to enter our seasonal giveaway? Tap here!

Our next giveaway is December 21

Win an Original Oil Painting

The Artist

Daniela Paniagua is a North Carolina-based oil painter specializing in nature scenes, animals, and pet portraits. She loves hiking, traveling, and reading. Daniela has been interested in art her whole life, but developed a passion for oil painting just a few years ago.

The Paintings

Every season, Pine Tree Poet will give away an original oil painting depicting a landscape that is inspired by the season. This painting will be signed by the artist and shipped to the giveaway winner. Perfect for nature lovers, this valuable artwork will complement the living space of anyone who loves the outdoors. When the paintings are completed, they'll be posted here and sent to subscribers.

How to Win

All email subscribers of Pine Tree Poet are entered to win the giveaway, every season, no need to re-register. So long as you're subscribed, you're entered to win. Not yet subscribed? Scroll down to sign up.