Read my original nature poems right here!

Read my original nature poems right here!

36 Original Camping Poems

Original Camping Poems

These original camping poems are perfect reflections and musings for those moments away from the bustle of everyday life. Sleeping out under pine trees and stars, whether you’re in the backcountry of your favorite national park or just in the backyard, is a happy offering of yourself to nature & adventure. And I think the world would be better off if more people offered themselves to nature & adventure.

Make sure you share these camping poems with your outdoorsy, sleeping-under-stars friends and family.

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I construct a little canvas house
and sew myself inside a little bag
and maybe I’ve cooked a little dinner
over quite the little fire
but really I shouldn’t brag

8/18/21 by PineTreePoet


Stake your tent on smooth ground
but let your heart and soul
feel perfectly full

by the knobby roots
and rough stones
of life’s every rugged stroll

12/14/22 by PineTreePoet


Treat your feet
to cold water, rough stones
loved boots, and soft moss.
And don’t forget the soft moss.

8/22/21 by PineTreePoet


I welcomed a little spider
into my tent
he’d been cast out of so many
the creepy guy just needed
a good, long vent

5/6/21 by PineTreePoet


I put my phone away
and build a perfect day

9/13/21 by PineTreePoet


It would be a grave mistake
to go through this life
without sleeping a few times
surrounded by pine trees
and strangers
with their curious stories

5/6/21 by PineTreePoet


I looked in the mirror
and I saw
trees and mountains
all around me

9/18/19 by PineTreePoet


Less concrete
more moss
less plastic
more dirt
less hurry
more sensation

9/28/20 by PineTreePoet


Screens are busy
concrete is rough
step away
you’ll be okay

9/29/20 by PineTreePoet


I’ve learned
to stop taking pictures
and start taking breaths.

5/11/21 by PineTreePoet


Sometimes I want to
set up a tent in my living room
and let a few crickets in
to charm me to sleep.

5/26/21 by PineTreePoet


My sleeping bag
and my socks
then the evening wind
said hello.

11/24/21 by PineTreePoet


I used to bring bear spray
but the bears
then stayed away

5/27/21 by PineTreePoet


I just can’t relate
if you don’t love the color green
with how much of a forest
is that same color
it seems an odd thing

5/29/21 by PineTreePoet


I woke up
with a crink in my neck
but it’s okay
I slept under the stars
on some natural bed
of dirt and down feathers

6/29/21 by PineTreePoet


My boots
my toes
the sun

7/9/21 by PineTreePoet


So many thousands
of stars and cicadas
so many songs
to play in my dreams

7/30/21 by PineTreePoet


Let your mind wander
the sights, smells, tastes, and touches
of the wild places you love
Sensation is the forest’s perfect gift.

8/27/21 by PineTreePoet


I think I’d be best off
living away
from all the speculations
and opinions and preoccupations
of this cold, concrete society

1/13/22 by PineTreePoet


Blueberry craters clumped
in the sweet banana bread
the rain falls steady
outside my sleeping bag bed

Patter patter
the drops fall down
in the environing softness
moss and bag and bread
I drown

5/31/21 by PineTreePoet


Let your guide be warm fires
and not just the fires you build
with wood
but the fires you ignite
with wonder

12/1/21 by PineTreePoet


Have you lately ventured
somewhere wild
somewhere free
of our rehearsed haste?
Such smiles
such ventures

6/2/21 by PineTreePoet


Mossy rocks
smiling at the waterfall
my easy friends

6/5/21 by PineTreePoet


Sleeping bag naps
high up trails
scrawled upon ancient stone

12/8/21 by PineTreePoet


My kind of pollution:
laughs and smiles
appreciation and good stories.
That’s pollution
I’d breathe deep.

6/7/21 by PineTreePoet


Where would you go
if there was
nowhere to go?

6/21/21 by PineTreePoet


Be wary of
asking for directions

6/27/21 by PineTreePoet


that all sounds nice
but have you ever woke up sweaty
in a tent?

8/7/21 by PineTreePoet


I hate staying up late
and waking up early
unless I’m surrounded
by friends and pine trees

8/8/21 by PineTreePoet


Find me baffled
by Creation’s sweeping brush
its bristles have hardly
scratched the surface
of nature’s immortal rush

12/7/21 by PineTreePoet


I want to go
where every sensation is ancient
and free from plastic and concrete

and hurry and haste
though they might beg relevance
are doomed obsolete

11/14/22 by PineTreePoet


I can’t decide
(when I’m up there in the mountains)
if it’s better to get a good night’s sleep
or stay up all night
staring at the stars

8/30/21 by PineTreePoet


Wool socks
in the bottom of my sleeping bag.
You know what I mean?

9/22/21 by PineTreePoet


There lives in the forest
a child’s spirit
who possesses
every wanderer there

11/7/21 by PineTreePoet


I’ve discovered
more than one talent of mine
sitting in the forest
watching all that talent

11/9/21 by PineTreePoet


I’ve good reason to suspect
the mountains are happiest
when we’re under their pines,

laughing and splashing
staring and crashing [sleeping]
beneath their needly green blinds.

11/22/21 by PineTreePoet

What’s your favorite camping destination?

Did you have a favorite of these camping poems?

Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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George Callahan is the creator of Pine Tree Poet. He is an author of fantasy stories and an adventure poet. He prefers mountains and pine trees to most other things, and usually takes his dog Cowboy along for the ride.


  1. These are all so wonderful! They’re a bit nostalgic and make me look forward to my next outdoorsy mountain trip. They remind me much of my backpacking trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. My favorites are #’s 3, 9, 11, 16 and 21! Thank you for these!

  2. I love these! All of these poems put me in a different place. I can suddenly feel, see, hear and smell a past outdoor adventure. It makes me want another!

    #5, #8, #10, and #26 particularly remind me to not take this life too seriously. What if we had nowhere to go? Wouldn’t that be amazing… then we could really go anywhere! We need to enjoy the present and what is in front of us. Less distraction from the beauty of where we are at.

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