Read my original nature poems right here!

Read my original nature poems right here!

3 Best Hiking Belts for Adventure [2023 Favorites]

How to pick the best hiking belt

When you’re picking the best hiking belt, you want something comfortable. That’s my biggest concern when I’m out there on trails: I don’t want my belt loosening or my pants riding up or falling down. I don’t want to know I’m wearing a belt at all.

I never hike with a belt that uses holes. Always look for something of high quality that slides for easy adjusting. Leather has no place on trails, either. You want something synthetic, temperature-resistant, easily adjustable, and durable.

Let’s check out some of the best hiking belts…

Wait! Do you need to hike with a belt? Perhaps not. Check out my favorite hiking pants that come with a great belt right here.

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1. Klik Belts quick release belt

This belt might be the last one you ever need to buy, and it’s a fantastic hiking belt. Klik Belts makes military grade, made-in-the-USA, belts that are lowkey, ultimately functional, and perfect for outdoor activities.

Here are some of the great features of their awesome-for-hiking 2 ply, 1.5 inch Cobra© buckle belt:

  • Synthetic, durable materials that are easy to clean, and keep clean, with a simple wipe
  • Unisex and will fit most standard belt loops
  • Their quick release Cobra© buckle is the most functional belt buckle I’ve seen, and is indestructibly made with aerospace aluminum
  • Comfortable when moving, running, crouching

I highly recommend a hiking belt built with movement, adventure, and quality in mind. Klik Belts delivers across the board! Tap here to check out my favorite from them on Amazon.

2. Arcade Belts Ranger

The Arcade Ranger Belt is made with 85% recycled material, has a plastic buckle for airport/travel ease (and plastic is lighter than metal), and can be tossed in a standard washer and dryer with your laundry.

Does that sound pretty good?

The belts also come in amazing designs and plenty of color options and are low profile, so you shouldn’t feel a pinch or any bulk when bending down or moving. When you’re hiking, you want a belt that is minimal and functional, and doesn’t get in the way. Arcade Belts provides a fine option with their Ranger.

The belt is micro-adjustable (no holes) and a bit stretchy, so it really moves with you and provides fantastic comfort when you’re out on trails.

3. KAVU Burly Belt

KAVU creates stylish outdoor wear that is built to go anywhere, and these Burly Belts are no different. They’re available in awesome patterns, are 100% nylon for durability and functionality, and use a plastic buckle (so they’re infinitely adjustable).

Something unique about the KAVU Burly Belt is that it comes long and is meant to be cut for a tailored fit, or you can simply tuck the extra material and forget about it.

KAVU makes some of the best hiking belts, and their designs are seasonal, so don’t hold back if you see a design you like very much. They may not be reprinted!

Tap here to see KAVU Burly Belts on Amazon.

Truly an adventure company making truly adventure-bound belts.

Best Hiking Belt Questions

What is the best belt for hiking?
I like the Klik Belts Cobra© buckle belt. It really seems like the last belt you’ll ever need to buy. The price is a bit steeper than some others, but it’s made well and built for maximum comfort, especially while moving.

Should I wear a belt while hiking?
The correct answer is…maybe. It depends what type of pants or shorts you’re wearing. If you get something that fits very well without a belt, then don’t be afraid to go without. Trial and error is the best way to figure out if you need to wear a belt while hiking. I wear running shorts when I hike just so I don’t need a belt!

Who makes the best hiking belt?
I think most outdoor brands make awesome hiking belts. The three I listed above are awesome options, but any reputable outdoor brand should be trustworthy.

Are web belts good for hiking?
Any belt that uses an easy, minimal buckle and doesn’t use holes for tightening or loosening is a great option. The three options I listed above are “micro-adjustable,” meaning you can really make them as tight or loose as you need in no time at all, sometimes with one hand. That, to me, is a good hiking belt.

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