My Favorite Photos from Acámbaro, Guanajuato

Acámbaro, Guanajuato is a bustling, historical city full of colonial architecture, delicious food, and unique shopping. It’s home to a magnificent cathedral (Templo De San Francisco), artisans and shops of all types, and nationally famous Acámbaro bread. The name Acámbaro comes from a Purépechan term meaning place of magueyes, or agave.

Driving and walking through Acámbaro, history abounds. There is an intact colonial aqueduct and an 18th century stone bridge over River Lerma, Mexico’s second longest river. There are beautiful churches and a fountain dedicated to the introduction of bullfighting to Central America, the first instance of which took place in Acámbaro.

While staying with in-laws in nearby Irámuco, I was fortunate to visit Acámbaro twice. I had my first churros and street corn in Acámbaro, and the city square (across from the red and gold Templo De San Francisco) is surrounded by local food vendors.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken while visiting Acámbaro, Guanajuato…

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Photos of Acámbaro, Guanajuato from April 2023

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