Read my original nature poems right here!

Read my original nature poems right here!


Pine Tree Poet started as a poetry project, a place for me to collect my original poems and share them with friends. From there it grew to a hiking and travel blog where I document my adventures, and the poems I've written along the way.

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Why Pine Tree Poet?

I chose the name Pine Tree Poet while trampling beneath pine trees somewhere between Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Grayson Highlands in Virginia. Wherever I'm surrounded by pine trees, I feel most inspired and alive.

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I want you to be curious about your impact on the world and others. I want you appreciate the finer things in life: pine trees, mountains, and sunsets. And I want you to know that beauty is something you and I must support each day with our words, actions, and shopping habits. The mission of Pine Tree Poet is this: to inspire appreciation for Creation through the words I craft in the wild places I explore.

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